Jill Meschino



I’m a lover of film. Funny film. Poignant film. Artful film. Stupid cat trick film. Any film. Because that’s where the best stories are told. And at our best, we are storytellers. Sure, we’re in advertising, so we’re also salespeople. But it’s the great storytellers who are the greatest salespeople. Those are the people I’ve always wanted to work with. Actually, collaborate is a better word. If I’m not bringing something to the creative project, I’m not doing my job. If creative teams and clients alike can’t trust me, I’m not doing my job. So far, knock on wood, that has never happened. I’m a mentor. The “Meschino Boot Camp” has turned out some of the most talented, best prepared producers in the business. Or so I’ve been told by colleagues. I believe in a management style that falls somewhere between Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher. One writer described me as, “Kind…wrapped in nerves of steel”. Most importantly, I’m a progressive. I love new technologies, new ways of solving production challenges, new ways to stretch budgets way beyond what was ever considered possible. Some would call it pulling off miracles. I call it being a producer.